Power Outage Solar Energy

Power outage solar energy systems can provide free, clean electrical power for emergencies or day to day use. The Sun’s light energy is captured by PV solar cells and converted into electrical energy. This DC electrical energy is then stored in batteries and then converted into AC electrical power which can be used by your home’s appliances or fed to the power grid thus reducing or even eliminating your electric consumption.

By wiring a subpanel to your battery back up, grid intertied solar system, your home’s essential loads such as your refrigerator, lights, TV radio microwave oven, telephone, pumps and much more can continue to operate during a power failure.

Modern day grid tie battery backup solar systems qualify for cash rebates and tax credits which dramatically reduce the cost of installing a solar electric system on your home or place of business. These same systems can be used independent of the grid on remote homes or cabins and are ideal for any type of offgrid application.

These off grid emergency power systems are fully expandable. Additional solar panels, charge controllers and inverters can be added to upgrade these systems to meet any need. When you consider that the cost of electricity is rising every year and the recent drop in the cost of installing a battery backup solar power system, it now makes perfect sense to go solar.

In the event of a power outage, nearly all of the grid tie solar energy systems in use today are engineered by law to turn themselves off, leaving you and your family without electricity. See energy.gov for more.

You may have paid for all of those solar panels that are mounted on the roof of your home but you won’t have any power to even charge your cell phone until your electric company restores its power.

Wouldn’t it make far more sense to install a grid tie, battery backup, solar system for your home that will reduce your electric bill and provide you with backup power during an outage?